Health Education students planting Glenbrook's Garden. A LEEF funded project.

Welcome to Glenbrook Middle School Health Education!

This site is hosted by Mrs. Siegel to provide information for students and parents about health education at Glenbrook Middle School.

The Health Education program is a comprehensive examination of the Massachusetts Health Curriculum Framework. Class meets every other day for one semester.

Grade 6 Health Education
Health Triangle
Self Concept
Decision Making
Conflict Resolution
Personal Hygiene
Puberty Education

Grade 7 Health Education

Personal Health/Wellness

Mental Health

Body Systems

Puberty Education



Grade 8 Health Education

Personal Health/Wellness

First Aid

Drug and Alcohol Education

Sexual Harassment

Human Sexuality


Peer Leadership 8th Grade Elective Course

Units will include: Team Building
Character Traits:Honesty/Respect/Integrity/Perseverance/Responsibility/Leadership

Career Exploration Decision Making Communication Goal Setting Community Outreach

Peer Leadership students working on Pay It Forward Project